Head to Toe J.Crew Gingham in Georgetown

When J.Crew released their spring offerinngs, and I saw that pink gingham was dominating their site, I was ECSTATIC. A few years ago, they went all in on black and white gingham, which I loved, but PINK gingham? Take all my money, J.Crew, I will buy every single thing I can. Which I did. While … Continue reading Head to Toe J.Crew Gingham in Georgetown

Lavender Dreams on MacDougal Street

I have always been obsessed with the color lavender. It just makes me really, really happy. And though I've always found jewel tones to suit me best when it comes to color palettes, I have WILLED myself to be able to wear lavender, otherwise life would just be so sad. I was at Anthropologie a … Continue reading Lavender Dreams on MacDougal Street

J.Crew Gingham Jumpsuit

It's a momentous day, everyone. Today's post is all about... a jumpsuit. Me. In. A. Jumpsuit!!! Here's the deal. I'm super short. Not a little short. REALLY, disproportionately short. I have a long torso, and legs that are not proportionate to that frame. So here is Mary at 5'0. It's why I always have to … Continue reading J.Crew Gingham Jumpsuit

J.Crew Love is Blind Top

Though Love is Blind, mixing patterns won't have people thinking that you are! Most people would never think to pair a striped top with a heart print skirt, but I can't get over how cute they are together! I'm also a sucker for a good stripe and polka dot combo! Are there any patterns that … Continue reading J.Crew Love is Blind Top

J.Crew Cardi and the Brightest Bow Shows

I love a good cardigan, and this one not only has a cute necktie bow, it's packing some serious Mad Men vibes! I had been eyeing it for a while, because it's totally my style, and then I saw it on Anna Camp and knew it needed to be mine. On a whim, I threw … Continue reading J.Crew Cardi and the Brightest Bow Shows

The Return of Ralph’s Coffee

One of my absolute favorite NYC haunts was always Ralph's Coffee. They had the most charming coffee shop inside of their 5th avenue store, and whenever I would come up to NYC, I'd make a beeline there. It was an incredible place to pass the time, get it your laptop and do some work, listen … Continue reading The Return of Ralph’s Coffee

Colorfully Pink in Manhattan

I spent last week in NYC with Nate. It has always astounded me how much color there is to find in this incredible city... especially since it is known for being a city where everyone wears such dark colors. I have never been one to blend in... I love making a statement. Everytime I come … Continue reading Colorfully Pink in Manhattan