Nate and I decided to take a quick trip out to Denver to visit one of my best friends and bridesmaid, Jenn and her fiance Mark before they moved to South Carolina, and knock out the Colorado Rockies from our Baseball Tour of America.

I hadn’t been to Denver in years, but it’s beautiful.


Upon landing in Denver, we met up with our friend Michele at Euclid Hall. Denver is such a foodie paradise! Foie Gras fries and chicken and sourdough waffles? YES.


We met Michele (and her fiance Eric), on our honeymoon in Athens at the Parthenon!  Fellow classics nerds immediately bonded!


We stayed at the Curtis, a Doubletree property. Each floor is themed. Ours was the Fun and Games floor


Nate’s just a barrel of monkeys.


We got dinner at Rioja. Words fail me.

Firstly, they have a fancy mallard. This should make anyone smile.


This is the signature truffle tortelloni. To. Die. For.


Part of the reason for this trip was to celebrate Nate’s birthday! I booked us a couple’s massage at the Brown Palace. So, so, good.

So thankful for this guy! Jason is with Visit Denver, and he hooked us up with a bunch of awesome recommendations. We were able to find a few to meet up for a drink.

Beautiful Larimer Street.

Nate and I popped into a little home store, and fell head over heels with this beautiful horse! It will look flawless in our dining room, and as soon as they said the words, ship, we were sold! Can’t wait to see this bad boy on our dining room table.


Before the game, Jenn and Mark took us to a dispensary, and Nate decided to partake in some cookies.

Check out the lovely Coors Field! This is stadium 10 of 30!

Can’t go to Denver without trying the Rocky Mountain Oysters. Nate loves himself some weird food, so he and Jenn tried them out. Neither love or money is going to get me to try one of those.



Mary and Nate’s Baseball Tour!

Love these guys.


I think it was the cookies. Nate couldn’t stop eating.

Loved this trip to Denver with my loves!



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