Las Vegas for AICPA

We were so excited to learn that Nate won the AICPA Standing Ovation Award for Young Professionals!

I was so excited for him! This involved him going to a the AICPA conference in Las Vegas at the Palazzo. Obviously, I don’t need an excuse to go to the Palazzo, and I very much wanted to see him get his award. This trip had to get wedged between a few others. We didn’t want to miss Nate accepting the award, so we went from Molly and Taylor’s Wedding to Vegas. I was going to be in Vegas less than 24 hours, before heading to San Antonio, but worth it!


Upon landing, Nate got changed and headed to his sessions. I headed to the pool. I’m a big fan of this property, and a bigger fan of the pool. Who doesn’t want to be poolside in November? Poor Nate kept texting me about his sessions, and I was sunning and drinking a cocktail.

We made dinner plans that evening my dear friends Jesse and and MJ at our usual spot, RA Sushi.


Jesse is my “industry spouse.” We’ve been friends forever, and he’s my favorite vendor. We formed a close relationship 6 or so years ago, and we’re kind of industry allies. We finally decided to “name” our relationship as industry spouses. It’s like work wife and husband, but industry, haha. Weird moment, when your real life husband finally meets your industry spouse! Jesse and I have been friends forever, so it’s weird that he and Nate had never met. Of course, they got on so well, to a point MJ and I had to be like, okay, okay boys.


Nate and I took a walk through the Wynn. It was nice to show him what life is like for me on the road, because I am often in Vegas at the Palazzo or Venetian.




I put on my best, “pretending to be an accountant” outfit, and joined Nate at his recognition ceremony.


They called out names and people stood up.


Nate getting acknowledged. So proud I could bust!!


Only slight hitch is that they spelled his name Phillip instead of Philip.


Beautiful, short trip to Vegas!

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