San Antonio for ACCC

Hopped a flight from Las Vegas to San Antonio for one of our exhibitor’s events.


I had never been to San Antonio before so I was excited to go. Unfortunately, the property we were staying at (Hyatt Hill Country) is very far apart from the city. It’s a gorgeous property, and we were really impressed with it.



Shannon and Me with our dear friend, Eddie, manning our showcase booth.



No youngun’s in the saloon after 10pm. Does this mean I need to go to bed?

Yes world, I got my butt up on a long horn steer. Wearing Tory Burch reva flats and a Persifor dress. This is how Mary does Texas.

Texas is starting to grow on me.

ARMADILLO RACING. Apparently this is a thing.


The last night, they bussed us into the city to the waterfront. This was my first time seeing the Riverwalk and it was beautiful! It was a little uncomfortable being by myself at night. This was definitely not a city I felt okay being alone as a female in, so I didn’t wander too far. Will definitely need to be back someday to explore this city better.






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