Expo!Expo! in Baltimore

Another great Expo!Expo! in Baltimore!


These beauties at the YP Reception!


Grabbed a selfie with Jules at our Chapter Reception.


This is our tradeshow life. Our team’s hijinx on the show floor. Mark and Matt are such hams.


I love this pic, and I love our registration contact, Cathy.

Brooke and me!

We had an #expochat get together on the show floor.

Expo Chat group!

Me and Kiki!

View from the Legg Mason building at the Freeman party!

They did a fire and ice theme with dry ice. Very cool.

Checkout this view!

Me and Jesse!!

This ridiculous group!


The end of the show is the grand prize drawing. They pulled three names, and one of those would randomly win the grand prize, which was a trip to Hawaii complete with airfare! Wouldn’t you know it, MATT FOX wins the grand prize! Made even sweeter is the fact that Kiki was there too and they were going to use it for their honeymoon!!

The last night, we went to Pazo in Baltimore for the CEM Faculty Dinner. Having just joined the faculty, it was a great evening to talk with other faculty members about their experiences.


This hanger steak was phenomenal. It was perfectly cooked, delicious, and the presentation was beautiful.

Dessert was this yummy, yummy poached pear. Again, beautifully prepared and presented. I had never been to Pazo as I do not spend a ton of time in Baltimore, but I highly recommend it.


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