FAM trip Orlando

Every year we take our exhibitors on a city wide site visit of next year’s show site. in 2016, our citywide event will be in Orlando. We tour large venues, small venues, hotel meeting and sleep space, restaurants, and the convention center. It’s a very busy and very exciting couple of days.

Mark and me getting photo bombed by Heather from Dallas!



At the Skeletons Museum.


The new Sugar Factory invited us to tour the place before they have even opened to the general public! They gave us gigantic cocktails, and it was all downhill from there!

Lana with our awesome cocktail!



The Orlando Eye!


At Sea Life checking out the aquarium.



And of course Madam Tussaud’s. MLK and I needed a high five.


Breakfast at Tiffanys… has me feeling like Loren Hope needs to do a line of tiaras.


The next morning started off at the Minus 5 ice bar.


Nothing goes better in an ice bar, than some Loren Hope ice!



These studs.

Our team in our ice palace!


Pam and me at the Disco Bowling lanes.

This wallpaper at Charleys Steakhouse has me drooling.

A quick trip to Universal’s Diagon Alley!

Mary and I have been on enough of these trips to have determined one very important thing in common. We HATE heights. So we established the #MarysDontDoHeights rule. This includes Ferris Wheels, scary elevators, and roller coasters. It’s good that we have each other. The Park employees kept telling us that the “drop” in Gringotts Bank ride is “not scary.” We kept trying to explain to them that “not scary” to normal people might be heart stopping for us. Nevertheless, we went on the ride. They had given all of us different House lanyards, and Mary and I thought it was HILARIOUS that we got Gryffindor. After surviving the ride, which frankly had a VERY SCARY drop in the beginning, we felt that we earned our Gryffindor status.


Team Ravenclaws!

Butter beer!

Mary, Lana, Mark, and MattFox.

Keith is my favorite. He’s retiring this year, so this is his last FAM trip with us!


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