Vancouver Sights

Vancouver is stunning!


Check out this view from the Marriott Executive lounge!


The salmon was so fresh and yummy, I ate it every single day. I think I ate the lounge out of salmon. The poor ladies.


There was a sushi place, Miku, that I met up with Belinda and Matt for lunch! They chargrille their salmon. Oh. My. God. It was phenomenal. I may dream about this sushi every day for the rest of my life.


The orca statue near the convention center.


Some views





This is one of the only steam powered clocks in the world. We got to see this one on our tour of Gas Town and China Town that Visit Orlando took us on!


The Flatiron Building in Vancouver.


China Town gate.


This was the Chinese Cultural Centers Sun Yat Sen Garden.





Vietnam War Memorial


Ending the tour with a wine tasting. We each had 4 glasses, so it felt like wine for days.


After the tour, Belinda, myself, and my colleague, Tanya stopped for a quick beer and bite.



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