Launch of AWE

January 20, 2016 marked the launch of the Association for Women in Events membership. We formed the association in March 2015, had our first board meeting in June 2015, and after 9 hard months of work, we officially opened our membership!


We held our Launch Party at the Gryphon in Washington, DC. Nearly 300 people RSVP’ed and though we had a flash snow storm, we still had more than 100 people show up!


This was such an exciting moment! Our co-founders, Kiki, Carrie, myself, Mas, and Tamela cut the ribbon with our two founding members, Brad Weaber and Stephen Peeler.


The majority of our incredible Board of Directors!


I am wearing a J.Crew dress, Kate Spade Cammie nude heels, and Loren Hope jewelry.




This was such an incredible moment, I almost cried. As co-founders, we also make up the Executive Board.

Carrie: President

Kiki: President Elect

Me: Treasurer

Mas: Secretary

Tamela: “Past” President at large.


Everyone of us and the rest of the board are volunteers, so we launched this association without any compensation. Hours and hours of paperwork, brainstorming, research, presentation, and hard work to make this come together! This was one of the proudest moments of my life to see this come together!

Photographs courtesy of Event Photography of North America (EPNAC)

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