Tuxedo Night

Every year, my organization puts on a black tie event to wrap up their January Leadership Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City for their volunteer leadership and invites the staff. It’s an invite only, black tie event, so Nate and I always dubbed it #TuxedoNight and have a great time!

This year, Nate rented a shawl collar tux jacket, as his personal tuxedo is getting outdated. I was so excited to find this gorgeous Eliza J dress at Nordstrom, which went beautifully with the Loren Hope Odette Earrings and Sylvia Necklace in Merlot. These Manolo Blank heels were perfect for the dress. I loved every detail of this outfit, and wish I could figure out a way to wear it every day!


These ladies! Red Lips and timeless style!


Love these two! Carrie and Tanya.


With the exception of our Director, Shannon, this is our entire Exhibits Department team + spouses/significant others. We have a great group, and it was nice to have (almost) everyone together since everyone knows each other and our spouses/so’s already.


Crystal and her husband Patrick, Nate and Me, Abby, Sean and Mark, Kiki and Matt Fox.


This babe. I love Holly so much, and she looked incredible in this yellow dress. To be fair, she looks incredible in anything. If it’s possible, Holly is even more beautiful inside than she is on the outside. She’s one of my sweetest friends.


Me and Nate taking a quick selfie.


Tuxedo Night. Matt Fox, Nate, and Mark.


Kiki and I are high fiving the fact that we successfully launched an association!


Closing out the evening at the Ritz bar downstairs. Feeling very Gatsby. I like big parties, they’re so much more intimate.

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