Quick Trip to ExhibitorLIVE in Las Vegas 

Flew from San Francisco for a very brief drop in on Las Vegas. I was excited to get the opportunity to visit the ExhibitorLIVE event with Shannon, but because there are no Delta directs from SFO to LAS, I just couldn’t justify flying Delta, and had to take a Southwest flight. I hate Southwest. Like really, really hate Southwest.

Fortunately, I love Vegas. We ended up meeting up with my friend Stephanie (and fellow AWE board member) and some other industry folks at the Foundation Room at the top of the Mandalay Bay where Steph is a member. This view never gets old for me! How great is that?! I’m wearing a black dress with pearl collar from the Loft. It’s my go-to business dress.


This incredible view of the strip always makes me happy. The show was at the Mandalay Bay, but I was staying at the Tropicana to save our company some money and to get my Hilton points.


From the show floor! I was so happy to see Rachel from TSNN! Rachel is a dear friend and a also an AWE board member.

The beautiful Mandalay Bay!

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