NYC Conference and Dinners

Our NYC Expo is very small compared to our large event, but it’s nice to get the chance to be with our team in NYC and eat at amazing restaurants.



Our colleague Linda has a connection at Sauce on the Lower East Side, and this was a mind blowing experience.

Every single thing we ate was unbelievable. The fried zucchini was perfect.


We also got the Plank. This is possibly one of the best things I have ever eaten. It’s polenta with beef bolognese. To die for. The polenta was so perfectly cooked, and combined with the beef sauce was a delectable bite.


I got the zucchini limone. I was already SO full, but it was so yummy!!



The show itself went well. We had great crowds!


One of my favorite exhibitors was my shoe twin! Bad bitches in bad bitch heels! Can’t go wrong with the Valentino Rockstuds!!


The NYC Chapter originated this event, and every year they give out an award. This year, they awarded it to OUR team! We were so thrilled to receive the award, and it was great to see our VP accept it onstage.



Our team decided to do something delicious to celebrate, and we were able to snag a last minute reservation at Morimoto!

The food is to die for. We split some appetizers and some incredible sushi.


My entree was a duck dish two ways. The croissant sandwich was my favorite. So delicious and inventive!

It was a great show!

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