Dominican Republic

A week in paradise with great friends! Rosanne and Gabe (our Honeymoon pals), were having a special christening ceremony for their son Derek. They were having their family come in for a beautiful week in the Dominican Republic, and they invited us along! A week at the Dreams Resort in Punta Cana was exactly what … Continue reading Dominican Republic

Dallas Site Visit 

Headed to Texas for a site visit in Dallas! I have been taking so many early, early morning flights, I took the time to fully get dressed! I love traveling in this Persifor Dress. I may have gone on a little bit of jewelry overload! The monogram is from Moon and Lola and everything else … Continue reading Dallas Site Visit 

I’m a Real Society Social!

I was literally on a plane when I got an email from Roxy Owens of Society Social asking if she could come photograph our home for her series the Real Society Socials! (I think my reaction as something akin to: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!") We spent a ton of time getting the house (and ourselves) prepared, but finally … Continue reading I’m a Real Society Social!

Kentucky Derby Party

Some people host annual New Year's, or Halloween, or Superbowl parties. We go all in for the Derby.   MINT JULEP STATION.   Mint Julep cups and this year's trophies.   Hats, hats, hats!   Two of the most interesting women in DC.  I love that they made friends at my wedding and still hang … Continue reading Kentucky Derby Party