New Orleans for AUVSI

Had the opportunity to attend the Unmanned Vehicle event in New Orleans. Even more fortunately, the Roosevelt (one of my favorite hotels in the country). had a flash sale, and I got a cheaper rate with them than at the main hotel blocks for the conference. (For the record, as a show organizer, I am big believer in booking inside the block, but when it comes to the Roosevelt, all bets are off).


AUVSI recently rebranded, and I was impressed with some of the things that their contractor, Freeman put together for them.


My friend Jayne has the account and offered to show me around! She’s also my style spirit animal (how amazing does she look, in her Kate Spade and giant Louis)!




Mark came in for a short overlap while I had to jet off to Orlando. We were able to grab a drink at the Sazerac Bar, and of course I needed a Southern Gentleman before I headed to the airport.


The Southern Gentleman was a recommendation from my friend Lindsay, the last time I as in town. It’s bourbon and blackberry and yummy!

and my favorite part is the Ascot Cup!

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