Kiki and MattFox’s Wedding 

We had a lot of weddings this year, but we were pretty pumped for this one. My two dear friends and colleagues, Kiki and MattFox were finally tying the knot.


They asked me to play the violin for the ceremony, so I dusted off and brushed up on my Elton John. Kiki’s cousin played the piano (keyboard), and the two of us managed pretty well considering we only were able to rehearse for an hour or so. A played Elton John’s “Your Song,” Glen Hansars’s “Falling Slowly,” and the Foo Fighter’s “Times Like These.” Foo Fighters was never meant to be played the violin. However, we did our best. For the processional exit, they had us play the song, “Home,” and Kiki’s friends, Eamonn, JP, and Adriana (who is a professional singer), joined us to sing along. It was so much fun!


Married! And pretty typical shot of these two.


The co-founders of the Association for Women in Events! Carrie, our stunning bride Kiki, Mas, Tamela (whose hat I was lusting after), and me!


This is more what we actually look like, hahaha. Typical. Can’t take us anywhere.


Nate, Me, Kiki, and Fox. Bad bitches.

First Dance!


They had a taco bar. Can I recommend that all weddings have a taco bar? It’s a surefire way to make your guests happy.


These ladies and the return of the squid hat.

This was a karaoke wedding. KARAOKE WEDDING. It sounds cool in theory, but Kiki and Matt have friends with AMAZING singing abilities. Do not do this unless you can boast the same. Tamela signing Fantasy in her fabulous hat! 
Our Exhibits Dept crew minus Abby and Shannon.

This cake topper gave me all the feels!


Mark, Alex, Taylor, Nate, and Bill creeping in the background.

I always play jewelry fairy at weddings. I lent Rebecca my Clara earrings to match her Palmer necklace.

Kiki and Matt’s beautiful exit!


At the bar afterwards. Almost all of our lady brunch group + Alex.

Molly, Kiki, Alex, Me,  Rebecca, Sarah, and Kelly.

#ForFoxSake #zekesandkeeks #industryfriends #HDanalog

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