Dining and Imbibing in Charleston

The Spectator Bar is stupendous. It may be one of my favorite places in the world. I have never felt so at home as sitting in this bar/lounge, and hanging out. It is a stupendous, art deco masterpiece. They did a wonderful job designing it for comfort and fun. I mean, the white peacock!! If I could live here, my life would be complete.



Jenn and I took a mixology class and met barkeep extraordinaire, Allen Lancaster. He told us that he hates the term mixologist, and prefers “barkeep.” Allen is hilarious and so talented. We stopped in to see him each day of this trip.

Allen creates a delicious array of cocktails!






We made daily trips across the street to the O-Bar/Oyster House on Market. They are oyster experts and I had a great solo lunch waiting for Jenn, eating oysters and lobster. The bar manager explained the difference between the different types of oysters he was serving, and the best places on the east coast to find them. Jenn and I are both oyster lovers and made daily trips.




We hit up Poogan’s Porch for a delectable dinner. It’s one of the top recommendations in Charleston, and well worth it. We were worried that this might turn out to be an overhyped tourist trap, but it was delicious! Definitely a must visit!


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