King Street Shops

Charleston and King Street are home to so many adorable boutiques! We were delighted to find that the Copper Penny was dispensing mimosas for shoppers!


Fun story, right before this, Jenn and I were in a boutique and I met a girl from New Orleans and we were both big fans of a a few brands we saw in the store. We got along really well, and ended up exchanging numbers. She currently lives in New Orleans, but used to live and work in DC. Now that we’re home, I mentioned it to Nate, and I mentioned the girl’s name. When he heard her name, he pulled up his Facebook page, did a search of his friends, showed me an account and surprisingly, it was her! When she used to work in DC, it was at my husband’s company! I texted her, and we laughed over the crazy coincidence! Actually, I texted her, “Crazy question, but did you work at FTI, because my husband is Phil Nathan and he says he knows you!” We thought the coincidence was hilarious and amazing.



Moon and Lola is absolute #Goals. They have a (as seen below) #flawLESS boutique! Not only are their products fabulous, but their decor is incredible.


Not only do they sell jewelry, but also cute home goods!

This gallery wall is so pretty!




Ben Silver is a preppy man’s haven. I wish this was my living room. More and more. They have a stunning collection of menswear and in a different style, their decor is also to die for!





The Louis Vuitton Store has an awesome sitting area and their coffee table book collection is goals.


Thought not part of King Street, the Charleston Market is so much fun! It’s filled with little shops selling local fare! I wanted to bring every one of these books home with me (along with the souther chefs to prepare them for us)!



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