40 Under 40 Awards 

This year, I was named one of Connect Association's 40 Under 40. To receive my award, I attended the Connect Marketplace in Grapevine, TX at the Gaylord Hotel.   My friend Brooke from IAEE and I have been trying to get together forever everytime I am in town, and either she or her son Jayden … Continue reading 40 Under 40 Awards 

San Antonio Texas

Sometimes I feel like Clooney in Up in the Air. Another day, another city. Kicking off back to back weekends in Texas with a trip to San Antonio for the Fire Rescue show. Got my first class upgrade. Flamingos belong in first class, don't you agree? I was so happy to get my upgrade, since … Continue reading San Antonio Texas

Dessert Picnic

Another part of the Tuckernuck Summer Bucket List challenge, was to have a picnic and count the stars.   It was a stormy evening, but without rain. The sky was filled with thunderclouds, but we managed to peep a few stars. I was so excited to finally use our PICNIC BASKET that we got as … Continue reading Dessert Picnic

Tennis Whites

As part of the Tuckernuck Summer Bucket List Challenge, Nate and I got out on the tennis counts with some of our neighbors for a game of mixed doubles.   We are TERRIBLE at tennis. Mainly, I used this as excuse to break out this adorable Vineyard Vines Tennis dress, and to get Nate into … Continue reading Tennis Whites

Weekend in New Jersey

Went home for the weekend to New Jersey to celebrate my Aunt Susan and Uncle Wesley's anniversary! Their family and friends got together to throw them a surprise party, and it was wonderful! We're a very close family, and it's nice to get to see everyone together.   Aunt Barbara, cousin Katie, and Dad's cousin … Continue reading Weekend in New Jersey