San Antonio Texas

Sometimes I feel like Clooney in Up in the Air. Another day, another city. Kicking off back to back weekends in Texas with a trip to San Antonio for the Fire Rescue show.

Got my first class upgrade. Flamingos belong in first class, don’t you agree? I was so happy to get my upgrade, since I had just purchased this fabulous makeup bag from Ashley Brooke Designs! First class, please! indeed.


REMEMBER THE ALAMO. I had never been, so I was pretty pumped to see it for the first time. I love this palm dress. It’s simple cotton and I love how comfy it is.


Such a beautiful place!

The gardens at the Alamo are like the lost fountain of youth. Seriously, how lush is this? It’s a veritable paradise. I was overwhelmed when confronted with this complete loveliness.


The mission church.

This is one of the oldest oak trees in America. It has all these different supports holding it up. It’s called the Heritage Tree.

No trip to San Antonio would be complete without a jaunt to the River Walk. There is so much loveliness in this city.


Me and Crystal at the show.

After the show ended, I grabbed lunch at a little place called Bakery Lorraine. This wall art was fascinating! I loved that they had the lyrics to Public Enemy in gallery wall form.

Sourdough break sandwich with macarons. So yummy!


This is a shot of the Pearl Brewery. The whole area is very cool. Lots of hip restaurants and an amazing hotel. It’s a rebuilt brewery campus, and it is very unique.



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