40 Under 40 Awards 

This year, I was named one of Connect Association’s 40 Under 40. To receive my award, I attended the Connect Marketplace in Grapevine, TX at the Gaylord Hotel.


My friend Brooke from IAEE and I have been trying to get together forever everytime I am in town, and either she or her son Jayden end up sick. We finally made it happen. Jayden is the most beautiful child, though that’s no surprise considering Brooke is his mom!

Brooke, her man Ryan, and Jayden!!


Me with my award and our 40 under 40 issue!


Rob Lowe was our guest speaker!



Yes, he IS that handsome in real life.



My photo shoot friends and me backstage getting ready to get called!

Backstage life!


So, at an industry event, four years ago, I met Stacy and we hit it off right away. We ended up not getting to see each other because she changed jobs, but lives in Tampa and our paths had not crossed, until now. After a joyous reunion, we spend this entire event hanging out. I adore her.


Dana was there and so was my friend Shannon! All in all, awesome conference!

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