Orlando Moments

Being a show organizer gives me the opportunity to experience some great restaurants and great events.


After many successive trips to Orlando this year, I have come to know the management at Ocean Prime in Orlando very well. My dear friend, and former vendor Sarah, came out so we could meet her new boyfriend. For the past several years, Kiki, Sarah, and I have a traditional evening out the last day of the show, so it was nice to recapture that!


My dress is a Catherine Malandrino.




Sarah’s new man, David, gets a thumbs up in my books. It’s nice to see my friend so happy!


Obviously we all got our bubbling drinks (except for Matt Fox).



It was so great having my friend Gena come by to see the show. We didn’t get the chance to get together much, but we were able to catch each other to take a quick photo!


We hired my friend Chris’s company to do a hologram display, so his company sent him down to see the show as well. The best part of having the show in Orlando, was that our big “opening” night reception was held at Universal Studies, where we rented out half the park, including the new Diagon Alley in Harry Potter World! Imagine, a private reception at Harry Potter World.


Kiki and I were very excited! Since we were at a theme park, I decided that shorts were acceptable. I donned my Lilly Pulitzer off the shoulder top and Lilly for Target shorts. My Kate Spade banana leaf purse matched beautifully!


The park is really beautifully detailed. This is Gringotts Bank. I had already ridden the ride the past year, and did not feel the need to take it again, but I went along as purse holder.

Goblins, manning their stations, counting their gold.


Ollivander’s offers a special experience where an intimate group is taken in the back and two people are chosen to participate in wand selection. KIKI AND I GOT SELECTED. THE WANDS CHOSE US.


With our new magical wands, we of course needed to get some sweets!


Contemplating if I would be a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin!


Kiki is definitely a Slytherin.


The park did a phenomenal job branding our event with our logo and our sponsor. It’s an incredible experience to give your attendees, and the venue really knocked it out of the park.








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