Highlights from My Annual Citywide

Due to events in Orlando, we wanted to make sure that our security show was utilizing the highest level of safety and security practice. We had robots patrolling our concourses capturing video and transmitting it back to the Command Post. The robots were so cute that everyone was captivated by them.


We had Holly interview one of them for her segment and it was hilarious!


Orlando really outdid themselves in terms of signage. We were very pleased with the branding that they gave us.


I’ve been trying to take a good photo of me in front of the ASIS letters for the past 5 years, but I always either forget, or it’s placed so I can’t get a decent selfie. Not this year! 🙂


A truly heartbreaking part of this year was that one of my longtime contacts (and friend) Ilene with G4S lost her battle with cancer. She had taken a step back to deal with it at the end of 2015, and we had stayed in touch through personal email. Ilene was very good at her job, and she was a wonderful person, funny and kind, and I loved working with her. Over the years, you develop strong relationships with your exhibitors, and she was one of my favorites. With some careful orchestrating because all of our schedules were so tightly packed, some of my team that worked with her (Matt, Mark, and Shawn -one of our advertising sales reps) got together with her coworkers and colleagues to toast Ilene. She’s pictured on the iPhone. The simple gesture of just getting together in her honor made us all feel buoyed.


We stayed at the Rosen Plaza. While a diversion from my normal Hilton loyalty, the Rosen properties are very nice and were renovated a few years ago. It also gets us away from where the VIPs of the conference are staying and provides our team a little extra privacy.



Preparing for our closing event with these beautiful girls. We worked closely with some of the same sponsors.


Kiki and Me. Natch.

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