Off to Espana!

When my friend Carrie suggested I join her in Spain for a few days as she wraps up a Euro trip, I thought she was crazy. However, I ended up finding a Delta deal for 55k points and $250 roundtrip.

After the crazy work year I have had, I felt like I deserved a vacation! So off to Spain I went! I had never been to Barcelona, so I was really excited.

Persifor duffle at my side at JFK, and ready to go!

Sometimes I am too nice. Two women got on the plane next to me, and wanted to sit next to each other, but had been assigned separate seats. I, being the nice person that I am, offered to switch with the woman who had the aisle. An aisle seat for an aisle seat… Normally I would NEVER switch seats on a flight, let alone an international one, but hey, they were really nice, and I was glad to help them.


By the time I landed, my hair was so frizzed out.


I was staying at the Alexandra Barcelona, a Doubletree property. It’s a lovely hotel. Their outdoor patio was an eden. It’s a lovely garden bar and pool area. Carrie wasn’t going to be arriving until late afternoon the following day. I came in a day early to get over my jet lag and to see a little bit of the city. The rest of the trip, I’d be staying at Carrie at the rental apartment she found, but I was grateful for the opportunity to stay in a well reviewed area in such a nice property, even if it was just for the night.


The hallways are ultra modern. Sleek and lovely. I wish I was staying here longer.

I was exhausted, but decided to go for a quick walk around the neighborhood of my hotel and get a quick bite.



Ended up at a little place called Piscolabis on the Rambla de Catalunya. My meal was excellent. Ordered some wine and tapas, and read a book while I enjoyed the people watching. There were street musicians performing, and interesting scenery. It was a beautiful way to unwind after a long travel day.


The most exciting part of my day was seeing that my friend Kelly and her boy (man?) friend Dave were also in Barcelona via Facebook. We messaged when I landed and agreed to try and meet up at some point. Just as I got back to my hotel, I saw that Kelly had checked into a restaurant. Like the creeper I am, I clicked her check-in to see where she was having dinner. It turns out it was right down the street from me! I grabbed my purse and trotted down to the restaurant to surprise her. So fun! They ended up inviting me to join them for dinner (second dinner?) and we went through a whole bottle of wine. Kelly’s boyfriend Dave is a great guy and a wonderful conversationalist. When we went to leave, I asked them how far away they were staying. It turns out, we were ALL staying at the Alexandra Barcelona. I mean, what are the odds??? We made plans to meet up to go sight seeing the next day.



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