Gaudi Gems

The Gaudi architecture is some of the most unique and stunning designs in the world.


The Casa Battlo is my obsession. It looks like it’s crusted with countless gems. Everything from the colors to the balcony and window shapes, is unique and fascinating.

The Casa Mila is equally stunning in it’s unique shapes and beautiful ironwork. The door itself is magnificent.




Carrie was feeling tired, but I  decided to take a tour of the Palau Guell, which was right across the street from our little abode. The ceilings were breathtaking! There is literally too much beauty to show it all, but these two ceilings were my personal favorites.




I was excited to learn that we could go up on the rooftop. These iconic chimneys are sold as souvenirs everywhere. I was blown away by the view. You can see the Catedral de Barcelona and even the Torre Agbar in the background.





The Sagrada Familia deserves its own post as it is literally the most breathtaking and unreal place I have ever been (and that includes the Great Pyramids)!

Though I did not know much about Barcelona, the iconic view of the city from the Park Guell was top of my list. Kelly and Dave advised me to get there as soon as the park opened (you need to purchase tickets in advance, and they are 100% correct. Get the earliest option). The sun was still coming up when I wandered into the park.


This lizard’s mosaic tiles were striking. I convinced several nice people to take some photos for me.


This view. The Gaudi benches with the fort tower and city view as the sun came up.


Isn’t this beautiful??



You might not be able to see it, but the happiness is spilling out of me. I chose this Draper James dress with my Kate Spade snail purse!


The tunnel!


I was so lucky to get that one clear shot. Every time I went to take a selfie, people walked into the frame.


The lion head drains.


This beautiful fountain is behind the lizard.


As you can see, the Park Guell gets pretty hopping as the day progresses!


Lastly, in Las Ramblas, there is this little Antique Shop that Gaudi designed. People walk by it with no thought, but it’s one of his hidden treasures! I love the peacock.

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