The Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is by far the most magnificent structure I have ever seen in my life. The fact that it’s not even close to completed is shocking! This is truly Gaudi’s masterpiece, and Gaudi has built other stunning testaments.


Carrie and I were beyond excited to experience this. We signed up for a tower access tour with a group. Our tour guide spent far too much outside, and seemed really disorganized. She kept us outside in the scorching sun, telling us detailed anecdotes and keeping us on a short leash. We were overwhelmed by how beautiful the exterior was.


Nothing could prepare us for walking into this palace. Magnificent seems like a paltry word for this temple. Breathtaking, awe-inspiring, all seem like an understatement to the grandeur of the Sagrada.





This felt like a wonderland palace, something out of a fantasy. I don’t even think we spoke to each other, just turn in circles and took in this ultimate beauty.

Carrie and I had purchased tower access passes, so at our time, we took a terrifying elevator ride up one of the towers. I chose this Lilly Pulitzer dress, because I thought the scallops would go with the interior. I threw on the Draper James sweater because it’s still a temple and respect is warranted.

This view was INCREDIBLE!! It is SO high up! What they don’t tell you, is that the you have to WALK back down. Not just walk down the tower, but make your way down a half finished, open air in some parts, terrifying spiral staircase.

I was so scared the whole time, I hugged the wall, held onto the wobbly railing, and literally took it one step at a time. Carrie and I talked each other the whole way down, and by the time we were on the ground, I could have kissed it. Our legs were so locked up from the fear and from the exertion.


This is us being overjoyed to have survived the tower.


Carrie’s bitch face had to make an appearance at some point!


The back is just as gorgeous as the front! I can’t imagine how this is going to look when it’s finally complete!





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