Atlanta Aquarium

We headed south to Georgia for my friend Jenn’s wedding, but we decided to take a night in Atlanta before we headed to Duluth. After a lovely stay at the Hilton Atlanta, I woke up to this sweet treat!

We got an amazing meal at the Trader Vic’s in the downstairs of the hotel. It’s a cheesy theme restaurant, but the ribs are amazing. I have been craving them, since we were last there in 2014. Finally! Satisfaction. The wontons are also exceptional.

As a surprise before we headed up to Jenn, I got us tickets to a “Penguin Encounter” at the Georgia Aquarium. Nate has an OBSESSION with penguins. He’s been a huge penguin lover ever since I’ve known him. The encounter offers the chance to actually meet a live penguin and pet it!


We had some time, so we explored the exhibits. Check out this incredible albino alligator!

The beluga whales are always delightful.

Nate at the Penguin exhibit.

They have a very cool feature where you can walk under the exhibit and “enter” it via the glass pop ups. Note how ecstatically happy Nate is!


Seahorses! This is a sea dragon.


These crabs are terrifying!

Nate and me with a penguin! They do not allow you to take personal photos during the encounter, but they give you a professional photo wit the ticket.

Nate and the penguin.

Such a great day!

Goodnight, ATL!



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