Plaid Puffer Vest

Nate and I decided to take a walk on this beautiful winter day. Nate got to wear his new gingham cuff pants from J.Crew and I thought it was the perfect weather for my new plaid puffer vest from Talbots. I paired it with this striped shirt from the Loft outlet and my J.Crew loafers. … Continue reading Plaid Puffer Vest

New York Moments

New York City has so many little flashes of delight. We stopped by the iconic Carnegie Deli before it closes next month. Was able to get a quick manicure in the Flatiron District while Nate went to watch a soccer game at a Spurs bar. I would normally choose Essie's Chinchilly, but they didn't have … Continue reading New York Moments

Tea Time in North Jersey

We woke up early Sunday morning, picked up a box of donuts and coffee, and headed down to Gramercy to see Roxy and Alan's apartment! I won't blow up her apartment reveal, but it's absolutely stunning. We were wowed by the beautiful, original deco details in the apartment and their plans for finalizing. The custom … Continue reading Tea Time in North Jersey

Red Dress in Tudor City

Nate and I decided to spend Saturday Night in NYC. Got a room at the Hilton Manhattan East in Tudor City and had a fun date night. The hotel is beautiful. I love historic hotels, and this one had beautiful finishing and a great view. The location is close to the U.N. and Grand Central … Continue reading Red Dress in Tudor City

Cardigan on Main Street 

Main Street in Manasquan, NJ is idyllic. Growing up, I always loved that the street signs were obelisks. New places come and go, but I was excited to discover Chocolate Bar. They're an adorable coffee and chocolate shop and it is delicious! Plus, they have really quirky furniture.   When I saw this sweater at … Continue reading Cardigan on Main Street 

Best Dessert Plate in DC

The Woodward Table in DC has a well reputed brunch menu, so Nate and I decided to check it out! It has a well earned reputation. Brunch was delicious! Steak and eggs and a gigantic breakfast sandwich. The creamed kale was surprisingly light, and the brussel  sprouts were so savory and flavorful. Service was great too. … Continue reading Best Dessert Plate in DC