Election Day Post

Warning, this is political post.



Today is the day to exercise your American duty and get out to vote! As with the rest of Pantsuit Nation, I decided to don my suffragette white and go cast my ballot for Ms. Clinton.

Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s a big day for women that for the first time in history we are able to vote for (or against) a woman to be the President of the United States. There are only two other women who have even been on the ticket, so no matter what happens, it’s a milestone day!



I have long admired Mrs. Clinton’s resilience, her steadfastness against unsurmountable odds and the class she has show when people have all but spit in her face. I believe that she will do her best to ensure a truly, greater America for us all. A place where women have a better sense of equality, and a first step towards breaking down the glass ceiling. I believe that I will be able to tell young women someday that in 2016, I stood on the right side of history (wearing my political jack rogers) as I cast my vote in this election.



I respect people’s different political parties, but I strongly believe that Donald Trump is a dangerous man. Never before has there been a candidate who has so willfully insisted on spreading hate, fear, and dishonesty. I understand why people might not wish to vote for my candidate, but I cannot understand why anyone could support this man.


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