116 King Opening

I learned about a new pop-up shop in Old Town opening up, and was invited to their Launch Party.


116 King was launched by Skinny Dip Nantucket and featured a host of excellent brands.


Nate loves a good set of aviators.


I don’t usually bring Nate to events, but we were all still reeling from the election results, and decided that we’d have a night out together.


The store was packed with goodies! Being on a budget is terrible, because I saw 20 things that I would love to own just walking in the door.



These Crab and Cleek totes? Obsessed!! They’re oversize totes in the cutest prints. I immediately fell in love with the striped shirt, thermos, and woody. It was torture to choose, but we ended up getting the woody bag, because then Nate was cool using it too.


Of course, I had to come in for the Inslee calendars. They were very popular, and people were snapping them up already!


Nate loved this array of leather goods.


It’s going to be nice having this shop around!



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