Tuckernucking in Central Park

It was a perfect fall day in NYC. Taking a walk in Central Park seemed to be a winning decision.

My friend Laura and I had a wonderful morning together. First getting cupcakes at the Sprinkles cupcake ATM…

Then we had a delicious lunch at Nello.

With bellinis of course!

After a great time catching up and adventuring around we parted ways at the park as Laura had to get back to Brookyln.

It was one of the most beautiful fall days I have ever seen, filled with flashes of delight!

Many people decided to take a row on the lake. The rowboats and the autumn foliage painted a gorgeous picture.

This gentleman was blowing gigantic bubbles! It was breathtaking.

As the weather was light, I donned this cute, off the shoulder top from Tuckernuck with my J.Crew jeans and my smoking loafers to walk in. I headed down to the boathouse and made my way up towards the Bow Bridge.

Shirt:  Do+Be from Tuckernuck

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