One World Trade Center

Being an Event Professional sometimes leads to me getting incredible and rare experiences. This was no exception. BizBash threw their private closing reception at the One World Observatory at the World Trade Center. As a Jersey girl, the day the towers fell hit particularly close to my heart. Doubly terrifying, I was a freshman at the University of Maryland and we were put on lock down after the plane hit the Pentagon, and we could see the smoke rising off of the Pentagon even from our distance. As do most Americans, I have a visceral reaction to 9/11, and am slowly overcoming my sense of panic each year at the anniversary. I had never been able to bring myself to go to Ground Zero. I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I asked my friend Dan to accompany me to the reception, knowing that I would need someone to lean on (not to mention I needed the support as I can’t handle an elevator ride to the 102nd floor).


The view was unbelievable. I’d been up on the Willis Tower SkyDeck (it’s where Nate and I got engaged), but I have never been this high over Manhattan before.



The view was breathtaking!




The Empire State and Chrysler Buildings were off in the distance.


The streets were so far down it it didn’t seem real.


Nothing can prepare you for how beautiful the Brooklyn and Verrazano Bridges look at night from up high!


It was a rainy, cloudy evening, but the lights of the city still shine through.

The event itself (events for event profs) had some very cool elements as well. I mean, the view alone should have done it, but that had different food stations with innovative meals. The Asian station gave everyone miniature takeout boxes for their food. There was a vendor that allowed you to take a selfie and then printed the selfie directly onto a cookie!


Dan felt pretty weird about eating this one. 


I plan to bring my Mary cookie home as a gift to Nate. I’m not sure if he’ll think it’s hilarious or horrifying.


Of course each of the bar stations were serving different signature cocktails. This was an old fashioned with bacon.


The events space at One World Observatory is incredible, and just knowing that you are on hallowed ground makes it an incredibly meaningful experience. I felt very humble to be privileged enough just to be at this building.


It rises so high into the sky, it looks like a pyramid from below. Incredible evening!


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