Beauty and Love Trump Hate

It has been extremely disheartening to see and experience the outbreak of small minded people since the election. People have approached me in coffee shops and on trains to inform me that, “enjoy America while you can since you’re getting sent back to China soon.” (As an FYI, I am ethically Korean and the adopted daughter of a blue eyed blonde). I watched a man on the Amtrak yell  a young woman wearing a hajib that “Terrorists like [her] will be rounded up and put in jail soon.” In NYC, I saw swastikas Grafitti-ed on bill posts.

A white male cab driver locked his doors when I went to get in after flagging him down and told me that he doesn’t drive immigrants.

Whatever your political affiliation, I hope that everyone can agree that the hatred and blatant racism that had emerged since the election is horrifying.

The Union Square Subway Station had made the news a few previously because a man thought he would spread some love by allowing people to write their thoughts on post-its. I was feeling low and needed a pick me up. While I do not agree with every post it, I thought it was beautiful. 

Men and women of all ages and ethnicities were together, adding their own post its and thoughts. We smiled at each other, exchanging few words, but sharing our pain, frustrations, and fears in small looks. People came together. The atmosphere was filled with hope. It reminded me that no matter how rough things seem, as long as hope lives, we will get through this.

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