Tea Time in North Jersey

We woke up early Sunday morning, picked up a box of donuts and coffee, and headed down to Gramercy to see Roxy and Alan’s apartment! I won’t blow up her apartment reveal, but it’s absolutely stunning. We were wowed by the beautiful, original deco details in the apartment and their plans for finalizing.

The custom silk wallpaper art?? Exquisite!
Did you know that Dunkin Donuts now makes a Cronut? Very tasty.

We couldn’t stay long as we had a little bit of a drive to meet or friends Ed and and Lee for a late brunch in North Jersey.
We took a train out of Penn Station.

And picked up our car in Seacaucus.

We met our friends for tea at the Mulberry House in Westfield, NJ. Of course we ordered the tea service! It came with little finger sandwiches, scones, and petit fours. It was so charming we were completely surprised.

It was an excellent meal and the perfect venue for a shower or Mother’s Day brunch! Food was delicious and we enjoyed it immensely!

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