New Year’s Eve Prep 

Make sure that your barcart is fully stocked up for New Year's! My preference is always a bottle of champagne to ring in the New Year! I am personally very partial to Veuve Clicqot. It's always good to stock your barcart with nice liquors for cocktails. Can't go wrong with a bottle of Hendricks's Gin. … Continue reading New Year’s Eve Prep 

Return to Miracle on 7th St

Since the Christmas Bar closes and returns to its normal bars after New Years, Nate and decided to have one last hurrah (and see Matt Fox because it was his last night bartending). Between these visits I think we crossed off almost every drink on the menu!     I wore my green tartan dress … Continue reading Return to Miracle on 7th St

Possible New Year’s Outfit 

I found this amazing black top in the Michael Kors outlet Black Friday sale and am considering it for New Years. The gold pleated midi skirt is a J.Crew masterpiece. I was iffy at first, but it really created a simple piece in my wardrobe to create an instant fancy outfit. This Kayu bag is … Continue reading Possible New Year’s Outfit 

Purple Houndstooth

When I saw this J.Crew Blazer, I feel like t had been specially designed just for me! This was a very J.Crew day, pairing this fun, colorful blazer with a pink camisole and jeans. Blazer: J.Crew | Camisole: J.Crew Factory | Jeans: J.Crew Factory | Jewelry: Loren Hope | Flats: Talbots

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! 

Nate and I are spending the holidays in New Jersey with my family. We are TERRIBLE at family photos. This pretty much sums us up. Both of us are dressed in holiday JCrew. It was the best we could pull together after a near 6 hour drive that usually takes 3.5! Mickey and Minerva really … Continue reading Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! 

Christmas Bar Outfits

We had such a fun time at the Miracle on 7th Street and to pay homage, we decided to get dressed up! Nate and I invited our friend Kim to join us, especially because our friend Matt Fox was bartending! It was so much fun being in such a festive environment and trying all the … Continue reading Christmas Bar Outfits

Tour of Miracle on 7th Street

In 2015, The Miracle on 7th Street opened as a popup Christmas Bar in Washington, DC for fun. It got so much acclaim, that the owners decided to not only bring it back this year, but to expand it into their three establishments that are all located next to each other. (Eat the Rich, Southern … Continue reading Tour of Miracle on 7th Street