Bottega Louie Brunch in LA


First stop upon landing in LA, and getting picked up by one of my favorite people, Victoria, was to Bottega Louie for a delicious brunch.

Bottega Louie is the finest patisserie on the west coast. Their delicate baked goods are as tasty as they are beautiful, and you could spend hours deciding as they are so difficult to choose between.



We had a magnificent brunch! (Our eyes may have been bigger than our stomachs). Arugula salad, turkey bacon, lobster hash, and a wagyu burger and fries. The salad was a simple arugula with parmesan and onions, lemon juice and olive oil, but it tasted fresh and light. The lobster hash was amazing! There were yukon potatoes, brussels sprouts, lobster pieces, and poached eggs. The burger was rich and flavorful, and we couldn’t stop eating the french fries even when we were stuffed. Not pictured: we had a plate of the burrata ad prosciutto, which was delicious as well. Highly recommend.

The holiday decor was adorable! Macaron Christmas trees were all over the restaurants.

This Italian Soda was so tasty, I couldn’t resist.


We picked up some treats for gifts and to take home. My Kate Spade shoes happened to be a perfect match for the entire day! One of the nicest things about Bottega Louie is that they ship some of their goodies. It isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it when you need a macaron fix!

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