LA Shenanigans

I had a fabulous, though brief, time in Los Angeles. There are always so many colorful things to see and do! Here are a few sights!


The Walt Disney Concert Hall is really cool. So impressive even just to walk by.


Palm Trees in December!


I threw on this fabulous dress and my Quay Sunnies.


This is the Angel’s Flight Incline Railway in Bunker Hill. It’s no longer in service, but it’s still very impressive!


I love this J.Crew jacket and Kate Spade skirt! It was a weird combo, but I think they work really well together!


Stopped by the Grand Central Market. There are so many cool places!


V is such an eggslut. hahaha. Eggslut is an amazing eatery at the market with many tasty items.


I love, love, love this girl! Every time we get together we have the best time.

Victoria and I stopped by the Bar Moruno for a drink.



I love how so much of the old theater district has been turned into regular storefronts.

The Roxie Theater.


View from my suite at the Hilton Checkers. The Checkers is a great downtown hotel. It’s a historic hotel, and full of charm. It’s well renovated, so it doesn’t feel dated. I’ve stayed here a few times now, and always enjoy myself. Definitely recommend it.

Goodnight, LA!



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