Expo!Expo! Tradeshow Life

After a fantastic Andy Grammer concert and opening reception, it was time for business.

The tradeshow aspect of Expo!Expo! is my favorite, because it allows me to see the newest technology and offerings in the industry. Additionally, it allows vendors to win my love over with things like gigantic plates of macarons. It’s like T3 knew the exact way to my heart.

Yes, it really is that easy to win me over.

One aspect of this industry that makes it so special, is that vendors are also friends. You make really lasting relationships over the year, and getting to see everyone in the same place makes it the best time of the year.


Exhibitors are always putting on some kind of spectacle or attraction to get people to their booths. This was pretty cool: it’s an edible cup that was featured on Shark Tank.

I fell in love with this suit at the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Store in the Flat Iron in NYC. The striped pattern and the tie like fabric called to me. I got so many compliments on it while walking the show floor!! This was me chilling in the ExpoGroup booth.


Yes, I can also be lured into a booth by a glass of champs. Macarons and Bubbly are my vices.
In all sincerity, walking around tradeshows is hard on your legs and feet, because under that slim piece of carpet is all concrete. It’s great when exhibitors set up comfortable seating in their booths. It gives weary attendees a chance to sit down and provides an opportunity for the exhibitor to talk with us.

Dress: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece | Jacket: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece

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