Wuxi China Sights

After the Closing Party of another great Expo!Expo! I headed to LAX to catch my flight to Beijing!



After a 14 hour flight, I was so happy to be on the ground! Everything was very colorful and shining! We were in Beijing for less than 24 hours before catching a flight to Wuxi, China where we would be teaching our class.

When we arrived in Wuxi, our handler Sophie and the director of the program met us, and asked if we’d like to do some sightseeing. So we headed to an area called Nan Chang Street.


The beautiful stone street was lined with red paper lanterns and a great deal of original buildings.





This is me and my colleague Jim! We were so blown away by all of this!


This is the Qing Ming Bridge.





Sophie with Jim and Me!


After our sojourn to Nan Chang Street, we went to the Li Hu Lake and the park on the lake.

How cute are these little pedicabs!

My flamingo flats took me over many miles (9 according to my fitbit)! I love these beautiful pavement stones shaped like coins.


Maple leaves are extremely rare in China, so our Chinese friends were very happy to see these! They’re so small and cute!

This is the Li Hu Lake!

We were able to watch this gorgeous sunset! Could it be any more picturesque? We have been blown away by China so far!



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