Food in China

We ate SO well in China! I was a little nervous eating such a foreign cuisine (I’ve been told time and again that authentic Chinese food is nothing like American Chinese food) and I was concerned about my pepper allergy.

I was pleased to discover that this was not the case.


We stayed at the Radisson Blu in Beijing, which was great. There were two different restaurants. Breakfast was a variety of dumplings, some broth with ramen like noodles, and some meats.


Dinner the first night was a beautiful piece of salmon at the restaurant. Sophie had ordered ahead for us because of my allergy.

Loving all these dumplings.

The next day we flew to Wuxi. Airplane food, woohoo.

The opening night, our banquet meal was on a Lazy Susan, and they just kept adding more and more and more dishes!


Thank god for these little dumplings at every hotel! We stayed at the Wuxi Grand Hotel. It was a little dated, but nice accommodations. We taught our classes and ate our meals there.


bok choy, spare rib, and I don’t even know what but it’s delicious.

Another Lazy Susan at the hotel restaurant.

For our last night in Wuxi, Sophie took us for an amazing hot pot experience. It was awesome! Firstly they just kept bringing plates and plates and plates of food!

It was gorgeous. The colored noodles, the rolled meats, and the different vegetables and potatoes were so pretty, and tasted fantastic. We all did different things with the broth in our pot. Mine was obviously just the broth, where Sophie and Jim went for very spicy.



When we arrived back in Beijing, I was so, so sick. Sophie took me to the hospital, and as we were waiting for our cab we saw a little fruit stand, and Sophie stopped to get me some pears to make tea!


The medicine helped, which allowed me to go sightseeing the next day! Our tour guide Zhang suggested this noodle place for lunch! YUM.


At Sophie’s suggestion, I used the pears to make a tea.


Airplane food on the ride home. Not even sure what some of this was!



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