Lancaster Wedding

We got majorly delayed returning from Beijing and I missed my connecting flight to BWI out of LAX. Thanks to the magic of Delta, they rebooked me on a red eye through DTW to PHL.
I had an 8 hour layover, and was coming off of nearly 24 hours of travel with the delay. The Delta Sky Club Lounge in LAX was awesome. The staff was so nice, and they had a SHOWER, which was the most glorious thing in the world at that moment.  There was an unfortunate customer service issue that I’ll go into more detail in another post.

Made it into Detroit, got delayed due to snow, but made it to Philadelphia (1.5 hours away from Lancaster) only 45 minutes late! Unfortunately my suitcase did not. Delta promised to deliver to Lancaster, but ended up not arriving until nearly midnight.

The very lucky thing was that after 2 weeks on the road, I didn’t want to be carrying around cocktail dresses, so at least Nate had brought me my clothes for the wedding. Bad news: my makeup and undergarments that I wasn’t wearing were with my suitcase in Detroit.

We made a pit stop at a CVS to pick up some CoverGirl and Maybelline to hide my now near 36 hours of travel.
Belinda and I met 5 years ago at an industry function, and hit it off right away. She is an dear friend and getting to see her marry Matt was worth every minute of flight time.

They picked a beautiful venue in Lancaster (ironically the same venue where my cousin got married a few years ago)! It was the perfect background for a Christmas wedding!

Loved getting to hang out with this group of friends.

So, I improvised my makeup, and this is my CVS macgyver job applied in the parking lot of the wedding venue. Turned out pretty well! I had thrown this dress into the pile for Nate to bring me as a backup. I wore it to our company blacktie last year and a few other events. This was the only dress j could make due without a bra, because my only alternative was a sportsbra that I had been wearing for nearly two days. Needless to say, I think it turned out just fine.

This poor guy drove three hours roundtrip to get me in Philly. He rolled with the flight changes and the missing luggage and was a great sport about the whole thing. Plus he’s my favorite wedding date. Definitely earned a lot of husband brownie points on this one!

Matt is British and they wanted to include some English traditions into the wedding, so we popped Christmas crackers! Those paper crowns were around all night!


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