Tour of Miracle on 7th Street

In 2015, The Miracle on 7th Street opened as a popup Christmas Bar in Washington, DC for fun. It got so much acclaim, that the owners decided to not only bring it back this year, but to expand it into their three establishments that are all located next to each other. (Eat the Rich, Southern Efficiency, and Mockingbird Hill).

As we know the owners, Nate and I volunteered to help set up this year. Being a Christmas Bar elf was exhausting, but so much fun! It was exciting to get to help make a small piece of the set up happen and to help Kiki (who designed the Hanukkah Hangout) execute her vision!

Because we both travel so much, we weren’t able to get to the bar to see the final product until now! It looks AMAZING.

To begin, the drink menu is not only hilarious, but delicious!

The food was insanely yummy as well! That chicken noodle soup!

Eat the Rich was transformed into a Stranger Things Bar in the front, complete with flickering light show and creature trying to break through the wall!


The back room was painted with candy cane stripes and the lobster traps that traditionally hang overhead were decorated with stars, garland, reindeer, and ornaments!

Southern Efficiency was decked out with holiday goats.

And Mockingbird Hill had a fabulous display meant to simulate the Northern Lights!! Christmas Narwhals line behind the bar.

The back room at the Christmas Bar is the Hanukkah Hangout! I spent hours stapling those coffee filters to fishing line! It turned out even more beautiful that I could have imagined. Kiki is an amazing visionary!!


Hope you get the chance to checkout this legendary piece of DC pop culture!

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