Bow Dress and Braided Hair

It snowed heavily yesterday morning and temperatures significantly dropped. As I was getting ready to go out, I realized that my wet hair needed to be put up somehow, so I decided to throw in some braids. I started with a small waterfall braid on my right side, then braided the “falling” hair into a cross braid and pinned it to my left side. Created another cross braid on the left side and secured it by braiding it into the tail of my waterfall braid and recrossing that one. Felt a little like Heidi, but it kept my wet hair from freezing and it looked cute!





I am a firm believer in dressing up for the theatre. I had a couple of outfits in mind, but with the snow, I realized I was going to need something at least with sleeves!

This long sleeve now back dress from Kate Spade is great! Threw on a silver belt and carried my cute bow heels. I wore the bean boots to the theatre…




I think it is nice that Shirlington had their town square Christmas tree up still. It looked beautiful in the snowfall!



Jewelry: Loren Hope | Dress: Kate Spade

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