Camilyn Beth Dress at the Cosmo Club

I had the opportunity tonight to attend a lecture at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. This is a renowned private club whose members include former presidents, Nobel Prize, and Pullitzer winners.
My dear friend,  noted photographer Chuck Fazio, was giving a lecture, and I was invited to attend. Unfortunately, Chuck came down with severe food poisoning right before his lecture, but his friend, Washington Post photographer, John McDonnell, was on hand to give a backup presentation about Instagram and cell phone photography. It was excellent and everyone greatly enjoyed it!

The Club itself was incredible. The furnishings were so beautiful and the club definitely lives up to its reputation. After the lecture, a kind member offered to show my industry colleague Ed and me around.

We got to see some of the meeting space and peek in on the library. Much of the furniture is original.

The club has a strict business dress code, so I chose to wear this Camilyn Beth Jordianne Dress (currently on sale)! I got this dress at 116 King when Cami did a trunk show! 

Dress: Camilyn Beth

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