Ocean Prime DC 

I was invited to attend the launch of the Ocean Prime DC as I have been eagerly awaiting its opening, but unfortunately, I was away on travel! Nate and I finally made it over there for dinner, and it was definitely worth the wait.


I may have an obsession with the Oceam Prime, Prime Roll. It consists of Tempura Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Scallion, and Beef Carpaccio. I could eat this every single day.


On Sunday nights, they offer a Surf and Turf pre-fix. It’s a great deal and so much food!


We both started with the french onion soup. Extremely tasty.


I got my filet with sea scallops and spinach, and Nate got his with the crab cakes and succotash.


Beautifully seared scallops!

For sides, we got my favorite, creamed spinach

and truffle mac and cheese!


We finished off dinner with a chocolate peanut butter concoction.



I highly recommend Ocean Prime. The DC location does not disappoint.

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