Matching Love at the Heart Wall

Since our closets are in completely separate rooms, we really aren’t lying when we say we matched accidentally. The shocking frequency with which this happens leads people to not believe us, but it’s true! I like to think that Nate and I just have similar style wavelengths at the same time!

There are actually other artworks next to the heart wall, and we love the Follow Your Heart!

Matching in his and hers blackwatch plaid.

I really love this blazer, and spent time carefully putting this outfit together, so of course I wasn’t going to change just because Nate happened to have selected a nearly identical outfit.

People did keep giving us looks though. I am pretty sure that younger Mary feels that this is the penultimate in #relationshipgoals. Adult Mary feels the need to reiterate that THIS WAS NOT INTENTIONAL, though again, not the first time.

Nate: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Jacket 
Blazer: J.Crew Factory | Necklace: Loren Hope | Jeans: J.Crew Factory | Camisole: J.Crew Factory | Shoes: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece

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