Colony Hotel Palm Beach

The Colony Hotel is pretty much what my dreams are made of. It was designed and created to be a colorful, unique property.

This was one of my bucket list places to visit, and I was given the opportunity to tour the property as I have a client considering having their wedding there! I asked the assistant general manager about meeting space, and he gave us a complete tour! Their staff could not have been more gracious and knowledgeable!

I was completely delighted by everything. Let’s start out with the color of the hotel is pink. It’s a pink hotel!



Dorothy Draper’s Brazilliance is EVERYWHERE. The renovation design was done by Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper himself! I had to don some Lilly to explore Palm Beach and I just felt like the whole hotel was designed for someone like me!






The Polo Restaurant is stunning inside and out. The braziliance canopy and palm fan for the outdoor seating and the beautiful decor inside are great. We had a lovely lunch, and the food was superb. It was sunny, but the pool area wasn’t too loud considering the proximity.











Even the bar stools are adorable!



Perfect blue striped umbrellas.



Braziliance lounge chairs (and banana leaf bell carts).


The sleeping rooms are fantastic! Each room is different and they all have a pop of pink!




And the hallways?? I have always had a thing for hotel  hallways, and these were to die for!

The ballroom space is positively luxurious. One of the great features is the separate entrance and grand details in every space.

The Royal Room is much smaller and famous musicians often opt to play small concerts here.

Such a privilege to get such a detailed look at this beautiful property! Nate and I have definitely fallen in love with Palm Beach!

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