Tucker Blair Hat and J.Crew Casual

I decided this year that I was going to wear glasses out in public more frequently. I absolutely love this pair of Valentino frames, so this is the year!
I picked up this needlepoint lobster hat from Tucker Blair a while ago. Recently, I’ve taken to throwing on a hat when I go out, and this one is very me. It’s extremely well made and adjustable. Tucker Blair is great. Definitely recommend their stuff. High quality, high style.

I was thrilled by the recent Cameo Boutique Sale, so I could pick up a few Loren Hope Kaylee necklaces. With my older Sylvia necklace, it really adds some sparkle to dress up a casual outfit.


I consider these J.Crew staples. When they first released this horse sweatshirt, I bought it in two colors. This is such a quintessential me sweatshirt! I had to dig it out of my drawers to wear at least a couple of times this winter. I own the J.Crew sidewalk skirt in several different colorized I might be over 5 of them. Oops. It goes with everything, and it’s easy to just throw on.

Even though we moved into our home almost two years ago, there are still some duffle bags and boxes we haven’t unpacked. I was very excited to discover a bag with a ton of my old purses! (I wasn’t sure what had happened to them). Most are older and will likely get listed on Poshmark, but this Coach bag is awesome! It’s like Christmas when you find something in your closet that you haven’t seen in years. This purse is still sleek and stylish, and fits just as much as the large boxy Kate Spade purses I always use for day.

Earring studs have to match the necklace, right?

The flats I impulse bought in a J.Crew factory sale, and I love them. They fit beautifully, and the stripes go with everything!

After a lot of conference calls and popping out to run errands, I rewarded myself by swinging by the Sugar Shack for donuts.  Nate was the happiest camper to get home and see these sweet treats. Sugar Shack makes the best donuts!


Even a casual day can still be a beautiful one.

Sweatshirt: J.Crew | Skirt: J.Crew | Necklaces: Loren Hope | Hat: Tucker Blair 


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