AWE Alexandria Event 

The Association for Women in Events kicked off the new year with a great event at Society Fair in Alexandria! Visit Alexandria sponsored the event, and it was a great way to start the year strong!

I am so excited for all we have in the pipeline for 2017, and am so proud of our scrappy little organization for pulling things like this off with no full time staff, just hardworking volunteers.

I spent most of the evening working the sign in desk. In a rare moment, I went with this Michael Kors leopard print dress and Loren Hope Jackson necklace.

We had some great musicians playing while people networked!

Society Fair really knocked it out of the park with wine and a delicious signature bourbon cocktail.

Kiki welcomed everyone to the event.

Me showing off our info!

We had an amazing turnout!

Visit Alexandria invited the Town Crier to read a welcome. He was amazing!

Me taking photos of The Visit Alexandria Team with the Town Crier.

Photos courtesy Event Photography of North America.

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