Chasing U Street Butterflies in Draper James

I love street art and one of the best places in DC to find it is U Street. With this heatwave in February, I thought I would embrace the warmth and spend the day outside!

This Draper James top and skirt were the perfect combo to “chase” the U Street butterflies!

I love that this skirt seems to meld with the butterflies! This little peplum top has a pretty honeycomb lace overlay, and the little bow tie at the neckline made a necklace unecessary.

The butterflies seem to weave in and out of the different works…

The shoes are from J.Crew. I love their little metallic heel. They’re cute with skirts and jeans, and the small lift makes them very comfortable.

Ben Ali Way is named for one of the greatest contributors to the neighborhood. Ben Ali opened the now iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl in 1958, and it has stood the test of time to become a DC Landmark. He truly is the American Dream, and though he passed in 2009, his legacy lives on. This alley is covered with these beautiful butterflies, and I was very glad to see such beautiful work commemorating him.

Top: Draper James (no longer available) | Skirt: Draper James (no longer available) |  Flats: J.Crew (other colors available at J.Crew Factory) | Earrings: Loren Hope

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