A Night at the Opera in Camilyn Beth with Surprise Guests 

My friend Gabrielle invited me to join her for a special dress rehearsal performance of the Washington National Opera company’s contemporary opera Dead Man Walking dress rehearsal at the Kennedy Center. I met Gabrielle at a Tuckernuck party, and we realized how much we had in common and how we obviously needed to be friends.

I never tire of the Grand Foyer’s elegance! It is such an impressive space. I was grateful to get this shot while the hall was clear. Usually it is packed with people.

I met up with Gabrielle by the JFK bust.


Isn’t my friend lovely? Gabrielle is a member of the Kennedy Center Circle Club, which is how she came by these dress rehearsal tickets. It also meant we had access to the member lounges.


When I purchased this Camilyn Beth dress, I had the Kennedy Center in mind to wear it! It was the perfect dress for the occasion! The off the shoulder top and lace overlay are so pretty, and I knew as soon as I saw it that I needed it! It has a timeless elegance that matches the Kennedy Center. I added a pair of Manolo heels and some Loren Hope necklaces. The bracelet is J.Crew.





Dress: Camilyn Beth Dress | Necklaces: Loren Hope | Bracelet: J.Crew



The premise of the opera is based on Sister Helen Prejean’s work with a death row inmate who is sentenced to die for the murder and rape of a young high school couple. It has a very graphic opening, and then moves at a fairly slow pace through the first act. It is intense, emotional content, and Gabrielle and I were both very moved by the story. There are two group numbers at the end of the act that really brought a great deal of power and vivacity, which was an interesting juxtaposition from the earlier solo pieces at a slower pace. We were very impressed by the performances and the subject matter of the opera.


To our surprise and delight, in the private member’s club, we happened to see fellow opera patron, RUTH BADER GINSBERG. Both of us almost fell over. We wanted so badly to approach her and let her know what a wonderful inspiration she is to not only us, but to women everywhere and to thank her for everything she does and has done for our country.


But I remembered that she has said, “Most of the time, even when I go to sleep, I’m thinking about legal problems. But when I go to the opera, I’m just lost in it. Loving it. And I don’t think about any legal brief.” We decided to not trouble her while she was attending her great love, but to admire from afar.


Our selfie “with” Ms. Ginsberg.


We also met Sister Helen Prejean on whom the opera was based! She is the leading advocate for the abolishment of the death penalty, and an absolute pillar of strength and justice. And so kind! We asked her how she was enjoying the performance and she said that she thought they were doing a wonderful job! We agreed.


An absolutely beautiful evening! Thank you so much to Gabrielle for inviting me to share this awesome experience!




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