Dinner at Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers

Had a beautiful dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with some industry colleagues. Farmers, Fishers, Bakers is a phenomenal food experience, packed house every night.We were somehow able to get a table for our group, and got seated right away.


We split some tableside guacamole. They will literally put it together right in front of us, and it always tastes super fresh. The big selling point of FFB is that it is completely farm to table which results in very fresh, flavorful ingredients. My first trip here was when the restaurant was still called Agoria in 2006 and I have been a big fan ever since. Nate and I have our favorites and it’s our go to restaurant when we have out of town friends or need a night out.  FFB is run by a farmer collective, the North Dakota Farmer’s Union, and so all of the food is prepared with respect to the product and they refer to each meal as a tribute to all of the people invested in growing, harvesting, and crafting. They are a certified LEED green restaurant, which is really difficult to achieve.




I always get the crunchy tuna roll. Their sushi is incredibly flavorful.


I also have the 8 Buck brussels sprout salad with pork belly. I usually order one of the tacos and use my salad as a filling. The salad contains fried brussels sprouts, apple, wonton, and butter lettuce. Very good!



It was a beautiful night in Georgetown! Even though the temperatures were summery, the ice skating rink and winter lighting made us feel like we had stepped back into February.


I highly recommend FFB anytime!


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